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Where We Came From

Our family business started by making barrels for wine and storage that we’d sell to local wine producers. We’d work as a team to deliver the best barrels we could. The best barrels take great materials, accuracy, and dedication. We believed in sharing our craftsmanship, being reliable, and producing quality, original products for our customers.

After a long day at work, our family would retreat to the kitchen, where we would gather to talk and laugh, and feast on grandma’s incredible dinners. She reminded us that great craftsmanship came from the same secret ingredient as she used in her cooking: Love.

Where We Are Now

We are Boss Cabinetry. Our company operates on those same values as it did when we were making barrels. We continue to be a family determined to deliver only the best in quality and satisfaction to our clients. Every cabinet order deserves the most intricate attention and, just as our grandfathers did years ago, we make sure that the cabinets are durable and perfect. Our top-notch craftsmanship and innovative design will shine through in your cabinets. We will help you customize your dream kitchen and deliver it with superior quality.

Grandma was a great role model and you can be sure that we’ll never lose sight of our signature secret ingredient when creating your kitchen.